Margot Betti Frank (February 16, 1926 - March 9, 1945) was the first child of Edith and Otto Frank, and the older sister of the famous, Anne Frank. She moved to Holland in 1933 and attended school in Amsterdam. Her school friend Jetteke Frijda remembers Margot as a modest and kind girl, who didn’t talk about herself or her life in Germany much.

On July 5 1942, Margot received call-up papers for a labour camp in Germany. The next day, her parents took the family into the Secret Annex to hide. This “Annex” was above Otto’s office which they had prepared.

Margot had remained very quiet and withdrawn in the Annex, unlike Anne who was loud and outgoing throughout her life. Margot spent a great deal of time on her studies, in the hope that when she returned to school, she wouldn’t be behind. But that was not to be. Someone had betrayed the family, and the Annex was discovered on August 4, 1944. The family was arrested, and they were sent with the others to Westerbork transit camp, and then to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

She survived the initial selection for the gas chamber, but the following month, Margot and Anne were transferred to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Margot was very ill at this time, and Anne never left her side. It was reported that in her weakest state, Margot fell from her bunk and died from the shock. But it is known that Margot actually died from typhus in the camp in March 1945, just a few weeks before the camp was liberated by Allied troops.

Margot and her family were portrayed in several films, books, and in fact, Margot did own a diary and wrote in it often while in hiding, but unfortunately the diary was never found. It is true that Margot Frank is very underrated, and we should support her and love her just as much as Anne. Rest in Peace, angels. <3

"You’re old enough to know that there is nothing wrong with being yourself." - Margot Frank